Over-current UV sterilizer

Over-current UV sterilizer
Over-current UV sterilizer

First, the over-flow UV sterilizer manufacturers introduce the basic knowledge:

This equipment is an over-current UV sterilizer, which adopts the world's leading high-intensity odorless UV germicidal lamp. The special-processed food grade 304 stainless steel inside the body wall allows the pretreated water to pass through the cylinder with a wavelength of 253.7nm. A sufficient amount of irradiation has a good bactericidal effect. Since it does not change the physical and chemical properties of water, it is an indispensable ideal for UV disinfection in drinking water, food, beverage, chemical, electronics, medicine, sewage, and water. .

Second, the introduction of ultraviolet sterilizer:

Ultraviolet mercury lamps are used as light sources to disinfect domestic drinking water, kill or eliminate pathogenic microorganisms on the vector. Zui's new research shows that UV disinfection can also kill bacteria and microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium and Escherichia coli in tap water to achieve water quality. Harmless treatment to achieve the purpose of removing pathogenic organs. After installing water disinfection equipment such as pipeline UV sterilizer, ultraviolet sterilizer, water tank self-cleaning sterilizer, the water quality can reach the sanitary standard of drinking water in China. The product meets the Chinese standard of GB/T1983-2005 "Urban Water Supply and Drainage UV Disinfection Equipment".

Ultraviolet sterilizer is a pure physical disinfection method. It has the advantages of simple and convenient, broad spectrum and high efficiency, no secondary pollution, easy management and automation. With the introduction of various new designs of UV lamps, the application range of UV disinfection is also constantly Expanding.

Third, the ultraviolet sterilizer product features:

1. The whole machine is made of 304L stainless steel (optional for 316L), polished inside and outside, with corrosion resistance and deformation resistance;

2. The user can select the lower-integrated or split-top electric control box according to the installation operation requirements;

3, equipped with work indicator, leakage protector power line, alarm system (optional);

4, manual / automatic cleaning can be completed by manual or control interface (optional); 5, optional use of timing timer, UV intensity monitor, microcomputer control system, easy to monitor casing fouling and lamp intensity change ;

6. It is equipped with high transparent purple quartz sleeve and high stability germicidal lamp. The service life is up to 12000 hours and the output is constant during the life cycle. 7. The first-line brand ballast is equipped to ensure the efficiency and life of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp.

in conclusion

Ultraviolet sterilization technology has gradually replaced or semi-substituted traditional chemical disinfection methods. In addition to the advantages of investment and operating costs, the following characteristics are also available:

(1) It belongs to the physical disinfection method, and it is not accompanied by toxic and harmful disinfection by-products while ensuring the disinfection effect;

(2) For some microorganisms that are ineffective in chemical disinfection methods, ultraviolet rays have efficient sterilization efficiency;

(3) Small footprint, compact system structure and low potential risk to ensure the safety of operators.

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