Sewage UV disinfection equipment

Sewage UV disinfection equipment
Sewage UV disinfection equipment

Advantages of sewage UV disinfection equipment TR-UVC-B200:

★Select high-quality stainless steel as the reactor (304 or 316), the inner wall of the inner wall of the reactor is treated with special polishing, and the high sterilization effect is lifted. The ends are thickened with special sealing heads (consistent with mechanical structure and head tank type). Structure. No dead angle disinfection is more thorough, high pressure constant type safety factor is higher and stronger)

★ Ballast control cabinet can be used as top, bottom and split. Can be customized according to customer requirements. The ballast uses the world's advanced constant, high-intensity ultraviolet special ballast to ensure the normal operation of the entire system under complex conditions.

★Select the low-pressure and high-intensity ultraviolet light of the world's leading xian, the service life of the lamp is guaranteed to be over 8000-12000 hours, domestic or imported freely.

★Quartz bushing: It adopts soft quartz casing produced by Fudong Zhengyou, a large quartz tube manufacturer in China (quartz purity 99.99%; diameter 25mm, high toughness, low breaking rate, quartz tube crushing is generally called granular, rarely It is called block and flake crushing; it has strong pressure resistance and pressure resistance of 2.0 MPa or more; UV translucent rate is as high as 91-92%; it can provide factory certificate.)

★ Sealing ring: It adopts food grade silica gel, specially designed and moulded into trapezoidal gasket (according to China's drinking water standard and mechanical design; the greater the pressure, the better the sealing; compared with the O-ring used in the market, it is safe, hygienic and not Deformation, non-aging, strong pressure resistance, easy to change, simple, fast, etc.)

★ Lamp protection rubber plug: It is made of food grade silica gel and mold. (Beautiful; it is convenient and quick to replace the lamp. Open the lamp to protect the rubber plug for a few minutes.

Replaceable lamp tube; in line with China's health standards; lamp work is normal or not, the electronic control part is visually displayed)

★The inlet and outlet can be made up of upper opening, lower opening type, side opening type, left and right opening, etc., and can be processed according to customer requirements.