UV sterilizer equipment

UV sterilizer equipment
UV sterilizer equipment

UV sterilizer equipment TR-UVC-G400 advantages:

1) Reasonable structure, external distribution box, can be placed in separate space and cavity separation operation;

2) Beautiful appearance and durable, the whole machine is made of 304/316/316L (optional) stainless steel material, polished inside and outside, with corrosion resistance and deformation resistance;

3) The equipment withstand voltage of 0.6MPa, protection grade IP68, UV zero leakage, safe and reliable;

4) Configure high-transmission pure quartz casing, use imported UV lamp from Toshiba, Japan, the service life of the lamp exceeds 12000 hours, and the UV-C attenuation is low and the output is constant during the lifetime;

5) Optional advanced online monitoring instruments and remote control systems;

6) Optional mechanical manual cleaning or automatic cleaning device to maintain efficient UV sterilization efficiency.

Applicable field Application

Sewage disinfection: municipal sewage, hospital sewage, industrial sewage, oilfield water injection, etc.;

Disinfection of water supply: tap water, surface water (well water, river water, lake water, etc.);

Pure water disinfection: water for food, beverage, electronics, medicine, injection, cosmetics and other industries;

Disinfection of culture water: culture, shellfish purification, poultry, livestock breeding, irrigation water for pollution-free agricultural bases, etc.;

Circulating water disinfection: swimming pool water, landscape water, industrial circulating cooling water, etc.;

Others: water reuse water disinfection, water body algae removal, secondary engineering water disinfection, residential water, villa water, etc.