To map custom UV sterilizer manufacturers

To map custom UV sterilizer manufacturers
To map custom UV sterilizer manufacturers

To map custom UV sterilizer manufacturers introduce what are the characteristics?

1. Shell material: stainless steel reaction chamber is made of imported thickened wall thickness 304 stainless steel material, the material is guaranteed.

2. Processing technology: After fully automatic welding, all the mouths are punched and stretched, and the welding is smooth without dead angle. The high-intensity cavity inside and outside will enhance the ultraviolet radiation intensity and enhance the sterilization effect. The thickened cavity design can withstand pressure up to 0.8Mpa, and the factory has strict pressure and water pressure test to completely prevent water leakage.

3. Independently developed sanitary-grade spiral cleaning ring, tightly wrapped casing, thoroughly cleaned, non-polluting, suitable for clean water quality requirements.

4. Ultraviolet tube, the lamp used by the company adopts the world's high-quality low-pressure high-intensity ultraviolet lamp, installed in the quartz casing in the reactor, parallel to the water flow direction, the effective working life of the lamp is not less than 9000 hours. The resulting 254nm UV output and high-efficiency electronic ballast further enhance the life and effectiveness of the complete sterilizer, with a complete sterilization rate of 99.99%.

5. Quartz bushing: The sterilizer adopts a high transmittance (UVT) quartz sleeve. The transmittance of the quartz tube is greater than 90%, and there are two types of single-end opening and double-end opening. Excellent UV transmittance ensures high intensity UV output.

6. Electronic ballast: Ballast is the core component of the whole system. The company adopts electronic preheating start type and instant high pressure start type ballast. Its outstanding advantage is the high stability and stability of the ballast.

7. Sealing ring: The food-grade transparent silica gel and the trapezoidal structure made of special mold replace the O-ring, so as to prevent the water leakage caused by the installation failure.

8. UV radiation intensity sensor / UV radiation intensity monitor: UV radiation intensity sensor can monitor the output intensity of UV disinfection system online, and output 0-5V or 4-20mA mixed signal, provide to monitor use. The ultraviolet radiation intensity monitor receives the signal provided by the sensor, and can set the alarm value of the irradiation intensity and the service life of the lamp according to requirements. The system is monitored in real time to ensure the normal operation of the device.

9. Casing cleaning system: has optional manual or fully automatic 2 medium cleaning system. Each can be cleaned online without downtime. Quartz casing will foul with water for a long time and must be cleaned effectively. The cleaning ring of the product has a simple structure and is not easy to be aged. The flexible cleaning component of the cleaning ring can actively adapt to the quartz sleeve, and the cleaning effect can be ensured even if the casing is installed, and the quartz sleeve is not worn.