To map custom UV sterilizer

To map custom UV sterilizer
To map custom UV sterilizer

To customize the UV sterilizer to be placed in the canal, the lamp is not working underwater:

1. UV equipment adopts double-row lamps arranged side by side, waterproof design, the upper ballast box protection level of the module reaches IP54; single module is compact, easy to install, and can be maintained separately during water flow

2. All metal components in contact with sewage are 304 316 stainless steel; all connecting cables are not exposed to sewage and ultraviolet light. The lamp is sealed with double protection design;

3. The equipment adopts low-voltage high-intensity ultraviolet lamp, high-intensity UV-C output, long service life, effective working life > 12000 hours; lamp is single-ended outlet type, easy to install and maintain;

4. The electronic ballast used in the equipment is specially designed for the UV lamp used in this product. It has good matching, has a variety of abnormal state protection functions, high reliability and long service life;

5. Quartz casing adopts quartz tube with non-ozone imported raw material, and the transmittance of ultraviolet light is more than 93%; it is matched with UV lamp, and the structure is also single-ended open type, which is convenient to install and reduce leakage point;

6. Each module is equipped with a water leak detector. Once the water leaks, the power supply can be disconnected and an alarm signal is issued to ensure safety. The leak detector and the UV lamp are connected at the same end for easy installation and maintenance.

7. Efficient automatic mechanical cleaning (pneumatic cleaning, hydraulic cleaning for users)

8. Water pressure-powered cleaning system for UV equipment

9. Working water pressure is 0.3MPa;

10.5 ° C ≤ adapted water temperature ≤ 60 ° C;