Custom UV sterilizer wholesale

Custom UV sterilizer wholesale
Custom UV sterilizer wholesale

Customized UV sterilizer installation and use requirements

·The quartz sleeve and UV tube in the UV sterilizer are expensive and fragile, and should avoid bumping during transportation, installation and use.

• Ultraviolet rays can cause serious damage to the eyes and skin. It is strictly forbidden to look directly at the exposed ultraviolet light with the naked eye. You must wear UV-resistant eyes when checking.

• Unplug the power cord when you need to open the case to inspect the UV sterilizer.

· When using this product for the first time, it needs to be operated with water for 5-8 minutes to remove the air and impurities in the cylinder and make the UV lamp reach normal working condition. Water from the stage cannot be used as a test sample and cannot be directly consumed.

·When the raw water quality is lower than the drinking water standard in China, if the chromaticity is higher than 15 degrees, the turbidity is higher than 5 degrees, and the iron content is higher than 0.3mg/L, other methods must be used to achieve the purification standard. UV sterilizer for processing.

· When the total number of bacteria exceeds 3000/ml and the E. coli population exceeds 800/L, multiple UV sterilizers should be used in series or as appropriate to reduce the amount of water in order to achieve purification standards.

· When installing the UV water purifier, bypass piping and shut-off valves should be added to facilitate equipment maintenance and overhaul.

• The pipeline distance between the reactor and the user's water intake point is reduced as much as possible to avoid secondary pollution from the back-end pipe network.

• The lamp cannot be energized in the absence of water.

· Do not switch the lamp frequently, so as not to affect the lamp life.

· When the flow rate of water is greater than the flow load range, more than two sterilizers can be installed in parallel on the pipeline.

· It is strictly forbidden to exceed the rated working pressure during use, and equipment components should be protected from violent water flow.

·After the UV sterilizer reactor chamber is completely filled with water, fully open the valve to avoid water hammer.