Open channel UV sterilizer procurement

Open channel UV sterilizer procurement
Open channel UV sterilizer procurement

UV disinfection module principle and technical requirements

Technical requirements for open channel UV sterilizers use environmental conditions:

The sterilizer should be able to work normally under the following conditions.

(1) Water quality of influent water, color ≤ 15 degrees, water temperature ≥ 5 ° C, total coliform bacteria ≤ 1000 / L, total bacteria ≤ 2000 / mL

(2) Air environment, relative humidity in air ≤ 90% (equivalent to air 20 ° C ± 5 ° C)

UV disinfection module features:

The ultraviolet sterilizing device is an over-current type, and the sterilization speed is fast, the effect is high, and the effect is good. After irradiating for 10 seconds according to the water treatment requirement, the Escherichia coli in the water can be killed, and the efficiency is more than 99%. Single tube, single-ended four-pin. Ultraviolet sterilizers are widely used because of their small size, light weight, low power consumption, low cost, and remarkable advantages compared with other sterilization methods.

Basic configuration of disinfection module equipment for open channel UV sterilizer:

1. High quality UV lamp

2. Stable electronic ballast

3. High transmittance quartz sleeve

4.304/316 stainless steel reactor

Important factors of UV disinfection module:

1. The amount of treated water: including the designed water volume, the average flow rate and the flow coefficient of variation have an important impact on the treatment effect;

2, UV lamp customer selection: Even if the total effective output power is equivalent, the difference in lamp type and quantity has an important impact on the sterilization effect;

3. Water quality indicators: The main indicators include suspended solids concentration of raw water, suspended solids particle size, turbidity, UVC transmittance, bacterial content, etc.

4. Other factors: including environmental factors (such as temperature and humidity) used by the equipment, other special requirements of the user (such as system installation methods, etc.)

UV disinfection module application range:

1, stainless steel water tank, water treatment, water supply equipment, no negative pressure water supply equipment, fire water tank, reverse osmosis water supply

2, living quarters, units, government projects, schools, hospitals, sewage plants, food processing plants, real estate, etc.

UV disinfection module manufacturers contact information:

Dingzhou Tianrun Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. UV disinfection module manufacturer