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What are the construction steps for the ducted UV sterilizer?

UV-C (LL or LH) UV germicidal lamp UV sterilizer UV-C (UV or LH) ultraviolet germicidal lamp is used in our Tianrun environmental protection pipeline UV sterilizer. The lamp life is guaranteed to be more than 9000 hours. Tianrun Environmental UV sterilizer integrates the comprehensive sciences of optics, microbiology, mechanics, chemistry, electronics and fluid mechanics. It is made of food grade stainless steel plate and has a service life of 5-10 times of aluminum alloy products. It has high pressure resistance and no metal ion pollution.

UV disinfection skills have become sophisticated, reliable, and highly profitable green environmental protection skills after years of development in foreign countries, especially in Europe and North America. They have been widely used in the disinfection treatment of various types of urban sewage and clean water in various parts of the world. With the addition of demand and use in China's environmental protection, water supply, sewage and other fields, UV disinfection skills have also been rapidly developed.

The construction and installation points of the pipeline type ultraviolet sterilizer are as follows:

(1) It is not easy to install the ultraviolet generator on the water outlet pipe of the water pump to avoid damage to the quartz glass tube and the lamp tube by stopping the pump water hammer.

(2) The UV generator should be installed in strict accordance with the direction of water in and out.

(3) The ultraviolet generator should have a height above the ground of the construction site, and the base should be no more than 100 mm above the ground.

(4) The ultraviolet generator and its connecting pipes and valves shall be fixed and fixed, and the ultraviolet generator shall not be allowed to bear the weight of pipes and accessories.

(5) The installation of the ultraviolet generator should be easy to disassemble for maintenance and maintenance, and materials that affect water quality and sanitation should not be used at all pipe joints.

The removal rate of various bacteria of the pipeline type ultraviolet sterilizer can reach 99.99% or more. Under the premise of not changing the original ingredients, taste and color of various beverages and other fluid foods, the pathogenic bacteria removal rate of the diseased bacteria can reach More than 99.99%. The integrated system makes installation extremely easy, factory-produced, and the control box and UV disinfection reactor cabinet are sensitively assembled. The direction of the inlet and outlet can be adjusted gently.