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What are the characteristics of over-current UV sterilizers?

Our over-current UV sterilizer manufacturer Tianrun Environmental Protection has such a product, its cavity is 304 stainless steel cavity, the cavity itself is welded by stainless steel plate or stainless steel pipe, and the inner wall is mirror polished to increase the reflection power of ultraviolet light. To improve the disinfection effect. The reaction chamber has no dead angle, and the planned pressure is 0.4-0.6 MPa. This is the over-current UV sterilizer.

The sterilizer integrates the inductive sciences of optics, microbiology, mechanics, chemistry, electronics, and fluid mechanics. The use of a special-planned rate, high-intensity, and long-lived ultraviolet C-ray episodes to install a strong ultraviolet C-ray to illuminate the running water. When bacteria, viruses, etc. in the water are exposed to a certain dose of ultraviolet C light. The DNA and structure of the cells are damaged, and cell regeneration cannot be carried out, thereby achieving disinfection and purification of the water. The wave line can also decompose organic molecules in water, generate hydrogen radicals and oxidize organic molecules in water to carbon dioxide, and achieve the purpose of removing TOC.

Features of the over-current UV sterilizer:

1Over-flow UV sterilizer has stainless steel casing for corrosion protection and long service life;

2 UV sterilization is a physical method that does not cause secondary pollution to water bodies and the surrounding environment;

3 UV output power is high, sterilization ability is strong;

4 quartz sleeve has high light transmittance and low energy loss;

5 ducted UV sterilizer equipment is small in size, beautiful in appearance, easy to install and flexible.

Over-flow UV sterilizers can also handle translucent or opaque liquids such as juices, beverages, beer, red wine, cooking oil, canned food, cold drinks, soy sauce, milk, etc. Pipeline UV sterilizer is widely used in domestic water, secondary water supply, direct drinking water, pure water, aquatic product breeding, food and aquatic product processing water, high water tank, water storage tank, medical water, beverage water, water production, electronic high purity water, The water supply system, water supply system, sewage treatment and other water bodies with rivers and lakes as the water source are disinfected and sterilized.