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UV sterilizer will become the mainstream disinfection technology

In daily production, disinfection has gradually become an indispensable link. However, the traditional chemical disinfection method is too inconvenient and the efficiency is very low. Therefore, the appearance of the ultraviolet sterilizer gives the user a better experience, and gradually replaces the traditional chemical disinfection method into the mainstream disinfection technology.

Ultraviolet disinfection equipment has been developed into a mature and reliable disinfection technology, which has been widely used in various fields at home and abroad, and has become the mainstream technology to replace traditional chemical disinfection methods. Because ultraviolet disinfection is a physical disinfection method, ultraviolet disinfection equipment, ultraviolet disinfection, etc. are applied in sewage treatment, which has the advantages of broad-spectrum sterilization and no secondary pollution.

The UV disinfection technology of UV sterilizers originated in the 1960s, and humans began to apply UV disinfection technology to urban sewage treatment. This was because people realized the use of residual chlorine in the chlorination process. The fish and other organisms are toxic, and chemical disinfection methods such as chlorine disinfection produce carcinogenic, genetic, and teratogenic by-products such as trihalomethanes. It has been found through practice that UV disinfection does not produce disinfection by-products in urban sewage treatment. After entering the 21st century, UV disinfection technology will be more popularized. From the domestic perspective, it is expected that 50% of the sewage treatment plants in the future will be UV disinfected.

UV-sterilized sewage can effectively realize the recycling of sewage, used to irrigate farmland, woodland and lawn, etc., to avoid damage to plants by chemical disinfectants; for groundwater recharge can prevent microorganisms from adapting to chemical disinfectants and reproduce The resulting formation is clogged. UV disinfection will become the mainstream technology to replace traditional chemical disinfection methods.