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What should we pay attention to when using UV disinfection equipment?

As people's living standards improve, so does the demand for quality of life. People relax in their leisure time. The swimming pool has become an important place for people, and water safety has become a hot topic.

One of the components of the UV disinfection equipment contains a small amount of mercury in the lamp: it is free in the tube or embedded on the surface of the tube. When a current is applied to the lamp electrodes, electrons move between them, causing the mercury to evaporate, and when bombarded by electrons, the mercury emits ultraviolet light. The exact wavelength of the emission depends on the vacuum pressure inside the lamp itself, and is generally divided into medium and low pressure.

UV disinfection equipment is available in different sizes and types. The general small sterilizer can be used on household water dispensers, combined with the skills of activated carbon to ensure the safety of family members. UV disinfection equipment can be used for water disinfection in the whole community, or disinfection treatment of drinking water such as bottled water and waterworks.

What problems should be paid attention to in the daily life of ultraviolet disinfection equipment? I will announce it to you today.

1. During normal working, you cannot look directly at the lamp. It is not possible to stop the operation of the equipment by directly unplugging the power switch to avoid electric shock.

2, the power cord should not be knotted, stretched, pressurized heavy, high temperature heating, otherwise it will cause power damage.

3. Do not open the distribution box in private to prevent electric shock.

4. Do not hit or hit the equipment cavity with other hard objects.

5, adhere to the equipment cavity, control cabinet dry, clean, avoid dripping drops into the control cabinet.

6. Do not stack debris in the vicinity of the equipment cavity and control cabinet to avoid affecting equipment operation.

7. Do not place objects on the equipment cavity or control cabinet.

8, the ultraviolet disinfection equipment users supply power must be in accordance with China's electricity safety regulations for grounding.

9. If there is an abnormal phenomenon, please cut off the power supply and stop working immediately. Sudden work in an abnormal situation can cause serious accidents such as electric shock and fire.