Application range of over-current UV sterilizer

Today, our Tianrun environmental protection over-current UV sterilizer manufacturers introduce the scope of application of over-current UV sterilizers. If you want to know more, please consult our official website or customer service staff.

Ultraviolet lamp rack assembly for over-current UV sterilizer Each UV lamp rack assembly includes an ultraviolet lamp tube, a sleeve, and a mechanical automatic cleaning device; each UV tube is built into a separate quartz sleeve, and the sleeve is One end is closed end, the other end is sealed by lamp sealing structure (rubber mechanical seal structure); the sealing end of quartz sleeve is fixed in the frame through O-ring, and the back part is sealed against the seal, drinking water sterilization equipment quartz The sleeve is not in contact with any steel body on the structure, and the quartz sleeve does not come out during automatic cleaning; the two ends of the quartz sleeve have no steel structure at both ends of the structure of the ultraviolet lamp tube.

The applicable range of over-current UV sterilizer is as follows

1. Food processing industry water body UV sterilizer disinfection

2. Pure water plant, mountain spring water plant, mineral water plant, mineralized water plant and mineral water plant are sterilized by water.

3, swimming pool, water, other water UV sterilizer disinfection.

4, cooling water disinfection, including thermal power, nuclear power plant cooling water, industrial production cooling water, central air conditioning system cooling water.

5. Use water disinfection, including residential buildings, communities, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, waterworks, etc.

6, purification and disinfection of aquatic products processing, purification and disinfection of shellfish, purification and disinfection of fish processing.

7, UV sterilizer outdoor water supply system.

8, split UV disinfection township sewage disinfection.

9. Ultra-pure water for the electronics industry.

10, UV sterilizer medical units, all kinds of laboratory water disinfection, and high levels of pathogenic body water disinfection.

The UV lamp tube rack of the over-current UV sterilizer manufacturer should take into account the convenience of the factory operator to replace the lamp tube and quartz sleeve, the over-current UV sterilizer operation device and the maintenance convenience; each UV lamp tube row The frame assembly reaches the IP68 seal level; all welded metal components in contact with the sewage are 316L stainless steel; the mechanical automatic cleaning structure is fixed in the structure of the UV lamp rack.

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