How to understand UV disinfection equipment?

Ultraviolet light is a light wave that is invisible to the naked eye and exists outside the end of the spectrum violet ray, so it is called ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light is one of the electromagnetic waves emitted by the sun, and ultraviolet rays are generally classified into four types according to the wavelength.

Ultraviolet light is a special form of material operation, a particle flow that is not connected to a particle. Each of the 253.7 nm ultraviolet photons has an energy of 4.9 eV. When ultraviolet light is irradiated to the microorganisms, energy transfer and accumulation occur, and the result of the accumulation causes the microorganism to be inactivated and then reaches the intention of disinfection. When bacteria and viruses absorb more than 3600~65000uW/cm2, they have strong destructive power to bacteria, viruses, DNA and RNA, which can cause bacteria and viruses to lose viability and fertility. Eliminate bacteria, viruses, and achieve disinfection and sterilization results. On the one hand, ultraviolet light can mutate nucleic acids, hinder their imitation, transcriptional blocking and protein composition; on the other hand, the generation of free radicals can cause photoionization and then lead to the death of cells.

Application scale of ultraviolet disinfection equipment

1. Public places and office places;

2. Disinfection of water in hospitals and various laboratories;

3. Water treatment and water purification enterprises;

5. Water disinfection in food processing industry, including juice, milk, beverages, beer, edible oil and all kinds of canned and cold drink products;

6. Disinfection and sterilization of poultry, aquatic products, seedlings, culture (fish, clams, shrimps, shellfish, etc.);

8. Disinfection and purification of drinking and daily water in canteens such as schools and institutions;

9. Disinfection and sterilization of biochemical pharmaceutical and chemical production water.

The sterilization principle of the ultraviolet disinfection equipment is to use the ultraviolet tube irradiation intensity, that is, the irradiation intensity emitted by the ultraviolet sterilization lamp, which is inversely proportional to the interval of the disinfected product. When the irradiation intensity is punctual, the longer the residence time of the disinfectant is, the closer it is to the sterilization lamp, the better the sterilization effect, and vice versa.