What are the advantages of UV disinfection equipment?

The ultraviolet disinfection equipment has the advantages of high stability of irradiation intensity, long life of 9000 hours, high transmittance quartz glass tube, light transmittance ≥87%, and the unit price is moderate compared with similar products. After 8000 hours, the irradiance intensity remained stable at 253.7um, which was stable compared with the domestic similar products. The lamp is broken and there is an alarm for sound and light alarm. High-brightness mirror sterilization reaction chamber planning. Compared with similar foreign products, the sterilization intensity has increased by 18%-27%, and the sterilization rate can reach 99.99%.

The main body of the ultraviolet disinfection equipment is made of 304L or 316L stainless steel. The inner part of the main body is polished to enhance the ultraviolet irradiance to ensure that the disinfectant will not be disinfected and incomplete during the sterilization process. .

The advantages of UV disinfection equipment are as follows:

1. High-efficiency sterilization: Ultraviolet sterilization of bacteria and viruses can reach 99%-99.9% sterilization rate in one to two seconds.

2. High-efficiency sterilization broad-spectrum: The broad-spectrum of ultraviolet sterilization is high in Zui, and it can kill all bacteria and viruses with high efficiency.

3. No secondary pollution: UV sterilization does not add any chemicals, so it does not cause secondary pollution to the water and the surrounding environment, and does not change any components in the water.

4. Safe and reliable operation: The traditional disinfection skills such as the use of chloride or ozone, the disinfectant itself is attributed to highly toxic, flammable substances, and the UV disinfection system does not have such a safety hazard.

5. Low operation and maintenance costs: UV sterilizing equipment occupies a small area, the structure requirements are simple, so the total investment is small, and the cost of operation is also low. At the level of kiloton water treatment, its cost is only 1/1 of chlorine disinfection. 2.