What are the application areas of UV UV sterilizer manufacturers?

Ultraviolet rays have a strong lethal effect on bacteria, and also have certain damage to the human body. The vulnerable part of the human body is the cornea of the eye, so it is not possible to use the eyes to look at the lighted tube at any time to avoid injury. When it is necessary to look at it, apply general glass (wearing glasses) or light-transmissive plastic sheet as a protective mask.

Do not use quartz glass because it is almost completely impenetrable to ultraviolet light. Once injured, do not panic, facial burns, peel off the skin after a few days, and healed. Eye injuries can be red, swollen, stinging, and it takes about three or four days to recover. In any case, it is recommended to seek medical advice immediately if you experience injury.

UV UV sterilizer manufacturers introduce the application field of UV sterilizer

☆Water disinfection, tap water, direct drinking water, pure water, residential building, community, office building secondary water supply system, hotel, restaurant water, etc.

☆ Water, freshwater seedlings, raising (fish, clams, shrimp, abalone, shellfish, etc.) with water

☆Aquaculture processing purification and disinfection, shellfish purification and disinfection, fish processing and disinfection, processing water, etc.

☆ Water disinfection in food processing industry, disinfection of water, juice, milk, beverages, beer, edible oil and all kinds of canned and cold drinks

☆ purified water for biological, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic production

☆ Ultra-pure water for the electronics industry

☆ sewage disinfection, municipal sewage, water reuse, hospital water, oil field recharge water

☆Circulating water disinfection: swimming pool water, landscape water, industrial circulating cooling water

☆ Agricultural irrigation water disinfection, large water volume water removal algae

☆ Military base, field operations, aircraft, ships, submarines, water disinfection

☆ Central air conditioning system air disinfection, indoor air disinfection, etc.

When we use the introduction of the open channel type ultraviolet sterilizer, we should pay attention to the above problems, make full use of its advantages, and timely prevent the shortcomings. Although the ultraviolet sterilizer has shortcomings, the advantages are still many, and the creation of it It is also mainly expected that it will provide more convenience to human beings for the benefit of mankind. We also expect that its shortcomings will be overcome a little bit in the future.