Kindergarten drinking water UV sterilizer use specification

As a place for children to grow and move, kindergartens will inevitably have bacteria and viruses in the air and venue facilities, which will seriously affect children's physical and mental health and growth and development. Therefore, many kindergartens use mobile UV sterilizers to sterilize the venues. Water disinfection water disinfection of kindergarten water is carried out using a drinking water UV sterilizer.

Dingzhou Tianrunbao Equipment Co., Ltd. recommends that the use of UV sterilizers in kindergartens should follow the following specifications:

1. In the place where the mobile UV sterilizer is installed, the management register for the use of the air UV sterilizer must be established. The daily usage of each mobile UV sterilizer is registered and the data is kept for reference.

2. According to the "Disinfection Technical Specifications" of the Ministry of Health, combined with the actual use of ultraviolet intensity illumination indicator card monitoring method in kindergartens, the new and used mobile UV sterilizers are used to measure the UV irradiance value every quarter. The intensity of the disinfection equipment is not less than 90μw/cm2, the UV sterilizer is not less than 70μw/cm2, and the intensity is close to 70μw/cm2 when monitoring. The monitoring time should be shortened once a month. If it is lower than the specified requirements, it should be replaced in time. UV sterilizer germicidal lamp, after monitoring indicator card monitoring should be posted on the registration of the UV intensity exposure test record.

3, the service life of drinking water UV sterilizer germicidal lamp, that is, the intensity of the new lamp is reduced to 70μw/cm2, should be no less than 10,000 hours, please use the actual service life provided by the instructions for using the drinking water UV sterilizer, below Replace 70μw/cm2 immediately.

4, in order to ensure the service life of mobile UV sterilizer and drinking water UV sterilizer, the surface of the UV lamp should be kept clean, wipe once a week with an alcohol cloth towel; when the surface of the lamp tube is found to be dusty or oily, it should be wiped at any time. The filter should be cleaned regularly for mobile UV sterilizers.

5, when using mobile disinfection indoor air, the room should be kept clean and dry, reduce dust and water mist, the temperature is lower than 20 ° C or greater than 40 ° C, the relative humidity should be more than 60% should extend the use of UV sterilizer.