What are the advantages of over-current UV sterilizers?

Tianrun Environmental Protection is a professional swimming pool-specific over-flow UV sterilizer manufacturer . Our company's water treatment equipment is widely used in secondary water supply, domestic water, culture, swimming pool, sight water, clean water, water, sewage and other industries. Quality and after-sales service have been widely praised by users.

Ultraviolet rays penetrate the cell membrane and nucleus of microorganisms, damage the molecular bonds of nucleic acids (DNA or RNA), cause them to lose their imitation ability or lose activity, and die, thereby killing all bacteria in water or air without using any chemical drugs. virus.

UV disinfection skills are the new generation of disinfection skills of Zui in the late 1990s. It integrates optics, microbiology, electronics, fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, rate, extensiveness, low cost, long life, large amount of water and no secondary pollution. It is internationally recognized as the mainstream disinfection in the 21st century. skill.

Features and advantages of over-current UV sterilizer:

1 The low-pressure high-intensity ultraviolet lamp used in the UV-C (LL or LH) UV lamp of the selection rate ensures the service life of the lamp is more than 9000 hours.

2 Use high transmittance, high purity quartz casing to ensure that the UV transmission is above 90%.

3 The use of internationally advanced constant, high-intensity ultraviolet special ballasts ensures that the entire system operates normally under complex conditions.

4 Use stainless steel as the reactor (304 or 316 raw material), and the inner wall of the reactor is specially polished to improve the sterilization effect.

Maintenance of over-current UV sterilizers:

1. Unpacking the quartz tube:

Turn off the power first, open the cover on both sides of the sterilizer, take out the lamp tube, remove the two caps, take out the “O” type rubber ring in the water seal seat, and then gradually pull out the quartz tube.

2. Assembly of quartz tube:

The operator should not directly touch the surface of the quartz tube by hand to avoid the stain and affect the transparency. The quartz tube is aligned with the water seal hole at both ends, and the quartz tube is pierced. The balance between the two ends should be flat and the O-type rubber ring should be inserted. Evenly tighten the gland, the force should not be too large, avoid the formation of the quartz tube to break, and then pass the water test. If there is water leakage, the gland can be lightly tightened until it stops, and then the lamp can be operated.